July , now August…..

P.S. UPDATE:July 18th, 2013 My program has been rescheduled to start in August, due to reasons beyond my control. I feel bad that I am not going to be with the kids on… Continue reading

Counting Down:[My fears, thoughts…feelings]

The day I got my Approval email from IVHQ, I was excited! Then scared! Then skeptical…then… a myriad of questions started rummaging through my head.! First was: ‘Hey, what about all your Summer… Continue reading

My IVHQ Diary: Follow my journey….

My Official IVHQ Diary link is: http://www.volunteerhq.org/volunteer-diaries/estellacouture That is where I would be posting my daily journey as an IVHQ Volunteer. ┬áCopied here to my blog [sometimes]. My blog would be used for… Continue reading

Thank You My Friends, For your Support.

TO the Following friends, I dedicate this short THANK you poem to you. [I am not a poet, but I make up words too. lolol} All I can say is that: I HAVE… Continue reading

Preparing for IVHQ – July 2013

Am I scared? YES! A little bit. I have volunteered so many times in my life, from my early teenage, but I have never had to pack up bags as an adult, leave… Continue reading

Welcome to 14-41 For Kids

At the age of 14, my mother took me and my kid brothers to a Motherless Babies’ Home [Orphanage] in Kano, to celebrate my birthday with the orphan kids. That experience totally changed… Continue reading